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Discover your authentic feminine voice and embody the woman you are

Haven offers accessible, bespoke, whole-person voice and expression coaching exclusively for transgender women from anywhere via teletherapy

Tell me if this sounds familiar...


You're finally beginning life as who you truly are but are often hesitant to speak or express yourself in the world.


You experience dysphoria about your voice and, though you've tried to teach yourself voice modification strategies from YouTube, you feel confused, discouraged and usually end up wondering "am I doing this right?"

You dream of feeling alive, free, and fully seen, known, and celebrated as who you are.


If any of these describe you, I hear you. 

Most of the women who've worked with me to discover and embody their voice and expression described experiencing these things prior to our work together too. You are not alone. And you can start living a different reality. 


A reality in which you feel radiantly and fully yourself.


A reality in which you feel really, really good about your voice and received as who you are when you use it.


A reality in which your new standard in all areas of your life is to feel seen, valued, supported, and wildly celebrated as exactly who you are. 

This is what is possible. This is the new reality for the many women I've worked with and it can be for you too. 


You don't have to do this alone. Let's do it together.

Client Before & After

The growth I have experienced has made my daily life so natural and comfortable that I rarely even consider the fact I had to transition to get to this point. I feel able to better present as ME. People hear me and recognize me for who I actually am.


"I can do this. I can get to where I want to be."

More Client Wins...

Ready to celebrate your voice wins?


About me..

Hi, I'm Whitney Tougas, M.S. CCC-SLP (she/her). I'm an ASHA-certified voice therapist and expression coach working exclusively with transgender women. I have a B.S. from the University of Tennessee and an M.S. from New York University, however, my approach to voice and expression coaching is unique in that it combines my clinical background in speech-language pathology/voice and my decade-long study of feminine expression and energetics. I work with trans women across the country and around the world via Zoom in discovering their authentic voice and embodying their unique expression so they can live confidently as the women they are.


I'm often asked how I came to this work. While it seems the most obvious and natural use of my skills, talents, and passions, the simple answer is that my core values in both work and life are connection, expression, and authenticity. I am here to serve, awaken, and honor the rising of the divine feminine in all its forms.


I was introduced to voice modification specifically for trans individuals during my graduate studies at NYU and believe that every human desires and deserves feeling fully celebrated for who they are. I began Haven in 2020 to serve trans women and it's been my honor and privilege to witness, guide, and support so many women in this tender and transformational initiation into who they are meant to be and continue to become.  


The most important aspect of successful gender-affirming voice modification, to me, is always how my clients feel. Yes, a lot of women come to me wanting to "pass" and I can certainly help you do that, but it's one thing to  sound "like a women." It is another thing entirely to feel like who you've always been. That's where we're going when we work together.


My approach to gender-affirming voice modification turns on its head the perception-focused model of most vocal modification in favor of a whole-person approach. I combine  safe and sustainable voice training strategies to address a multitude of vocal qualities, mindset coaching, mindfulness strategies, nervous system regulation techniques, and embodiment training within deeply intimate containers to guide clients in not only sounding like themselves, but truly becoming themselves. 


In working together, women receive not only safe and sustainable voice training, but an opportunity to be seen, celebrated, and honored deeply in such a way that it shifts their entire way of existing. Clients consistently share that they have transformed not only their voice, but their confidence far beyond

In my spare time, I enjoy dancing (Brazilian zouk, pole, lyrical, ecstatic dance, and a whole lot of solo and family kitchen dance parties), hiking, Pilates, and spending time with my family and friends. I live in metro Atlanta with my son and our mini menagerie of three cats and a rescue dog. In addition to my work with trans women, I am a pleasure and intimacy coach for all kinds of humans (, and co-founder of Women Who Roar radical expression ceremonies for all women. 

I would love to explore working together in discovering and embodying your authentic voice and expression as the woman you are. I invite you to book a free no-pressure connection call via the link below, and I look forward to meeting you!

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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"  - C.G. Jung

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